Repair of Auxiliary Boilers ZAFA

Steam generators ZAFA developed by German company ZAFA Wärmetechnische Apparatebau GmbH are designed on the basis of the water-tube boiler and have once-through boiler design. Steam generators ZAFA are mostly used as auxiliary marine boilers on oil and chemical tankers but can be installed on other types of vessels.

Технические характеристики котлов ZAFA

Boiler type Steam output (kg/h) Operating pressure (bar) Heat output (KW) Content (L)/Pressure Diameter of chimney connections (mm)
DK1100 1100 13/25/50/70 733 141/25 350
DK1500 1500 12,9/25/50/70 999 231/25 400
DK1800 1800 10,2/25/50/70 1199 293/25 400
DK2300 2300 13/25/50/70 1532 422/25 450
DK2650 2650 13/25/50 1766 539/25 500
DK3000 3000 13/25/50 1999 673/25 500
DK3500 3500 13/25/50 2332 805/25 550
DK4000 4000 13/25/50 2665 907/25 550

The value of heat output is based on the conditions of feeding temperature 90°C

Zafa boiler DK2300/10

Our company produces coil pipes for the entire lineup of ZAFA boilers and offers boiler repair services. Our repair team can perform replacement of boiler coil pipes onboard worldwide. The coil pipes are produced under the survey of a maritime class society in accordance with vessel registration. The quality of finished products is confirmed by certificates of conformity of corresponding maritime register.