Marine Boilers Repair

Our company produces tube bundles, coil-pipes, tube sheets and collectors for marine auxiliary boilers and marine heat recovery boilers.
Our specialists can perform re-tubing of the boiler, replacement of collectors or tube sheets onboard anywhere in the world. All of our specialists hold certificates of corresponding maritime class societies that confirm their qualification.

Marine Auxiliary Boilers KAV:

Marine Auxiliary Boilers KVS-68

Marine Heat Recovery Boilers KUP:

  • KUP 20
  • KUP 40 СИ
  • KUP 40/6
  • KUP 80
  • KUP 100
  • KUP 150
  • KUP 400
  • KUP 600
  • KUP 660
  • KUP 1000
  • KUP 1100
  • KUP 1500

Clayton Steam Generators:

Marine Auxiliary Boilers ZAFA:

Marine Auxiliary Boilers ESH:

  • ESH 6,3

Marine Heat Recovery Boilers AKSR

  • AKSR 1,4-6

Marine Boilers LaMont

Marine Boilers AKS

Marine Boilers Hitachi

Marine Boilers Mitsubishi

Marine Boilers Aalborg