Repair of Mitsubishi boilers

Mitsubishi marine boilers are widely used in modern vessels mainly built in Japanese shipyards. There are four main models of marine boilers produced by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.

The lineup of auxiliary boilers consists of MAC-B and Mac-HB series. MAC-B boiler generates steam for COPT driven and inert gas. The design of MAC-HB boilers is based on MAC-B models, but it is a higher efficiency model for COPT driven and inert gas.

  • MAC-B boilers lineup
  • MAC-20B
  • MAC-25B
  • MAC-30B
  • MAC-35B
  • MAC-40B
  • MAC-45B
  • MAC-50B
  • MAC-55B
  • MAC-60B
  • MAC-70B
  • MAC-80B
  • MAC-90B
  • MAC-100B
  • MAC-110B
  • MAC-HB boilers lineup
  • MAC-H35B
  • MAC-H40B
  • MAC-H45B
  • MAC-H50B
  • MAC-H55B
  • MAC-H60B

MC-D series steam generators are used for producing of heating steam for general service.
MC-D Steam generators lineup: MC-20D, MC-30D, MC-45D.

The exhaust gas boilers are represented by MJC smoke tube type composite boilers.
MJC exhaust gas boilers lineup: MJC-250, MJC-280, MJC-340.

Spare parts for Mitsubishi marine boilers

Our company offers maintenance and repair services for the entire lineup of Mitsubishi marine boilers. We produce pipes, coil-pipes, collectors and tube-sheets for the boilers and our repair team performs repairing of the boilers onboard in any part of the world.

All the spare parts for Mitsubishi marine boilers are produced under the survey of a maritime class society in accordance with vessel registration. The quality of finished products is confirmed by certificates of conformity of corresponding maritime register.