Heat Recovery Marine Boilers KUP

Heat recovery marine boilers with forced and natural flow KUP series were widely used on Soviet vessels. Heating surface of exhaust gas marine boilers KUP series consists of parallel connected pipe-coils. The number of pipe coils used in the boiler depends on the model of the boiler. Each pipe coil contains two series-connected spirals, made of 29×2.5 (mm) tubes. The tails of the coil pipes are welded into the cups of the collector.

    Exhaust gas boilers KUP series can be conditionally divided into three groups:

  • KUP 20 ~ KUP 80 СИ that have cylindrical shape housing and horizontal spiral coils;
  • KUP 90 СИ ~ KUP 1300 that have rectangular shape housing and vertical smooth pipe coils;
  • KUP 3100 that has coils made of finned tubes.

The most widely used heat recovery marine boilers are KUP 40 and KUP 40 СИ.
Basic parameters of exhaust gas boilers KUP are shown in the table.

Coil Pipes and Collectors for Exhaust Gas Marine Boilers KUP

The coil pipes and collectors of the boilers KUP series are the parts that most commonly fall out of service. Our company produces coil pipes and collectors for the entire lineup of KUP boilers and offers boiler repair services. Our repair team can perform replacement of boiler coil pipes of KUP-40 heat recovery marine boilers onboard worldwide.
The coil pipes are produced under the survey of a maritime class society in accordance with vessel registration. The quality of finished products is confirmed by certificates of conformity of corresponding maritime register.